Our cloud-based fan engagement solution made it to the prestigious OTT award shortlist

The Dutch-Hungarian Seyu digital sports technology company was nominated for OTT’s ‘Best Startup Tech Company’ award, among other pioneers in the sports broadcasting and streaming industry.

Celebrating excellence in sports and media 

Europe’s OTT Summit returned to Madrid for the 6th occasion to connect and inspire over 1000 sports industry professionals. The three-day event gave place to talks and roundtable discussions about the rapid growth in the sports broadcasting and OTT (over-the-top media services) sectors, new technologies, and how they are shaping the future of sports. The organisers’ goal was to give global recognition to innovative companies that combine sports and business.

The summit took place from the 29th of November to the 1st of December in Madrid’s Meliá Castilla hotel. The winners were announced on Wednesday 30th November 2022, after the second day of the event, during an exclusive gala dinner held at the venue.

To ensure a fair, impartial and independent process, SportsPro recruited an expert panel of judges, consisting of senior OTT stakeholders, broadcasters, and technology leaders from organisations like Turner Sports, Microsoft, BT Sport, European Tour, FIFA, and more. Their independent panel offered an unrivalled pool of expertise and knowledge to ensure judging criteria are met by the most rigorous of standards.

We were in the race for the ‘Best Start- Up Tech Company’, along with Europe’s most impactful tech newcomers

Our Dutch-Hungarian sports tech startup, Seyu was competing in the category of ‘Best Start-Up Tech Company’, an award that recognizes the most impactful tech newcomers in the OTT industry. The shortlist included impressive names, such as YBVR, a company creating an immersive streaming platform for Live Events in the Metaverse; or Griiip, a cloud-based startup that is changing the motorsport industry from the ground up, and other key players of the European sports tech scene.

Leading the way in digital fan engagement

At Seyu we create a fully customizable, digital sports technology solution that boosts fan engagement and strengthens brand recognition by bringing fans closer to their favourite teams and players. Today, 99% of fans follow sports events remotely. Via Seyu’s platform, they can submit branded selfies along with cheering messages, which are then displayed on LED screens around the stadium, live streams, and social media channels. Thanks to our solution, sports enthusiasts have the chance to enjoy a memorable matchday experience and connect with other fans — no matter where they are in the world.

Seyu has already been part of dozens of successful collaborations and hundreds of sports events on a global scale with its digital core product for digital screens at sport venues, creating an emotional bridge between remote fans and their beloved stars. However, Seyu’s OTT/broadcast solution was only deployed at a handful, but rather renowned sport events, where it proved to be just as dazzling. A recent example is the partnership with Betmotion and the Liga Nacional de Basquete of Brazil, where we brought the entertainment to the next level at the Brazilian Basketball Championship Finals.

Our team also joined forces with LaLiga to provide a real-time moderated channel for Real Madrid and Barcelona fans to show their devotion on Spiler TV’s screen (Hungarian broadcasting rights holder) during El Clásico this year. The activation was a huge success, enhancing the viewer experience of hundreds of fans across the country.  Jesús Pizarro, LaLiga delegate in Hungary complimented on the collaboration: “Seyu helped us locally generate much more buzz, before, during, and even after the event, and around the match itself. They made it all more engaging, by adding the digital aspect to the event.

About ‘Seyu – Together for victory!’

‘Seyu – Together for victory!’ came to life as a result of an innovative idea of sports enthusiasts who wanted to surround themselves with like-minded professionals and work for the same goal in life – creating a lasting experience for all fans around the world. An experience through which they not only feel more connected to the sport itself but also connect with their fellow supporters. Seyu proved its solution in 400+ sports events across 14 countries in 20 different sports, enabling 200.000+ fans to show their devotion in real-time from anywhere in the world. Seyu gives both remote and in-person supporters the chance to take selfies, add motivational messages and post them with custom-branded frames on various platforms, whether it’s an online live stream of an event, a giant screen of a stadium, or the social media page of a right holder.

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