Cookie policy

1. Meaning of cookie

The cookie is an alphanumeric information package with variable content sent by the webserver and recorded on the user’s computer for a specified period of time. The cookie allows the webserver to recognise the device used for browsing and the browsing history. With the help of cookies, we can get an idea of the website visiting and browsing habits and history of the user. Cookies do not contain data that can be used to identify visitors to the website, they are only used to identify the user’s computer.

For further information about the cookies you can find detailed information here:

2. Accepting by visiting the website

When visiting the website of Seyu Solutions Kft., the site collects data using the cookies described above. When visiting the website, the user can accept with one click that the website uses cookies in accordance of our cookie and privacy policy.

By disabling the installation of cookies on the computer or deleting them, the user might limit the usability of the website (or some parts of it), the saved settings might get lost. On the websites mentioned above in Point 1 you can find further information in this topic as well.

3. Why do we use cookies?

Seyu Solution Kft. uses cookies for the following objectives:

  • to improve the user’s experience
  • to fill our website with content matching the visitors’ needs.
  • to understand, how visitors use our online solutions and improve them based on these experiences

4. What type of cookies we use?

4.1 Necessary cookies

The session cookies are needed to the usage of the functions. They allow to record the actions made by the user on the site, in the function or in the service. Without the session cookies the smooth operation cannot be granted. The validity of session cookies stands for the period of visiting the website, after the end of the session or in case the browser is closed they are

4.2 Functional cookies

These cookies allow our website to record which way of operation the user has chosen (fe: English or Hungarian version is used, mobile, tablet or desktop, popup screen was opened or not etc.). This is so that the user does not have to enter those settings again in case of visiting the website again. Without the preference cookies the website can operate but not smoothly.

Supporting cookies used by the website are the following:

  • pll_language
  • MCPopupClosed

4.3 Third-party cookies

Cookies that analyse the user’s activity helps us to collect data about our visitors’ browsing habits in our website. Within that framework we were able to know that which sites the visitor entered, how many sites it visited, where it clicked, how long was the session, what kind of error message it get, which site is the most visited, etc. These are done in order to further develop our website, including it’s functions and the services available on it, according to the needs of the visitors, and to provide them high-quality, user-friendly experience.

Data delivered from Google Analytics, Facebook, Hotjar, Mailchimp are used to improve, optimize the operation of our website, creating it more user-friendly.

The website of Seyu Solutions Kft provides, among other things, the opportunity for the visitor to view our company on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter. Obviously, we have no and cannot have any influence on the online data collection practises of these social media platforms, which are independent from us.

For further information, we recommend reading the privacy policy and terms of use of these sites.

Cookies from a third party are the following:

  • _fbp
  • _gat
  • _ga
  • _gid
  • _hjAbsoluteSessionInProgress
  • _hjid
  • _hjIncludedInPageviewSample

5. Security

It is important to emphasize that the cookies we use does not record any visitor identification or password, thus, their confidentiality is not compromised by them.

6. Checking the setting of cookies, disabling the cookies

Modern browsers allow to change the settings of the cookies. Some browsers accept the cookies by default, but this can also be changed to prevent the visitor from automatically accepting for the future.

In case of changing the setting, the browser will continue to offer the option to set the cookies each time.

Please note that because cookies are intended to support and facilitate the usability and processes, in case of disabling the cookies we cannot guarantee the visitor will be able to use all the features of the website. In that case the website might operate differently.

Visitors has the opportunity anytime to delete the cookies, which can be made during deleting the browsing history. You can find further information about cookie settings on the following links: