Questions you might have about Seyu

Seyu can be installed in 24 hours anywhere in the world

NO, Seyu’s system runs separately from the club’s website or app. We deliver content to be displayed on the digital platforms that can be displayed as easy as any advertising on the digital platforms.

All this being said, a white label (club branded) version of Seyu app can be created and connected to the club’s main application with minimum club IT department involvement.

NO, Seyu operates on the existing LED infrastructure of the clubs, there is no need for further investments.

YES, Seyu is compatible with both pitch side LED boards and giant screens too at the same time.

YES, Seyu’s service can be tailored to each partner and selfie frames/LED displays can even differ match by match, campaign by campaign or message by message. We always use the club’s brandbook and take into consideration the requirements of the club and sponsors when creating the service design.

Seyu’s app is currently available in English, Spanish, German and Hungarian languages, however the fan messages can be listed in Seyu app in any language a club would require.

NO, at Seyu we use a revenue sharing model with a minimal retainer fee before the revenue sharing kicks in if the club uses one of our revenue generating models via fans or sponsors.

YES, Seyu offers 8 new commercial platforms for displaying sponsor content throughout the service, directly reaching fans. Seyu fan selfies deliver on average 320% more organic engagement on social media than any other photos shared from the same match, this way widely communicating the sponsor across digital platforms and at the same time developing an emotional bridge with fans.

Seyu helps clubs to reutilize their already sold commercial LED surfaces by inviting their existing sponsors with the assistance of the club to enhance their ordinary advertising with Seyu’s fan activation. Without any further financial investment from the sponsors, they can get more attention to their LED advertising from fans thanks to the fan photos displayed next to their logo, plus they would be displayed on 8 additional platforms in Seyu’s service, directly reaching fans.

On the other hand, the club would get back precious perimeter LED time from the sponsors, which sponsors already paid for, to resell with the help of Seyu to the fans via B2C microtransactions.

In case of any other questions or suggestions please contact us.

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