Why business intelligence is key for football clubs to financially survive the pandemic

Personalized, engaged and branded content for millions of fans is not a dream but a feasible asset for right holders

If you have more than a thousand fans, up until now it seemed impossible to create personalized experiences for each of them, but it is not the case anymore. With the expertise of AI-supported companies  like Seyu and Rascasse, this challenge can be tackled, and today right holders are able to gain more sophisticated data about their fanbase than ever before.

FANS from Seyu World


Data from the already owned media surfaces (Facebook & Instagram Insights, Google Trends, etc.) are crucial to understand the existing fans who have already interacted with the brand on some level. Clubs surely learn a lot about their customers but only within the limits of generalised insights on those users who already engaged with them at least once. But this is not enough! When the circumstances force right holders to be as efficient as possible with their resources and have to transform their processes so rapidly as Covid made them do so, it is key to hit the bull’s eye with their sales efforts.

The pioneering tech solutions like Seyu and Rascasse are here to aid clubs to gather and use data in a different way by providing an AI-driven consumer insights platform for them. Gaining access to valuable, refined information from more than 245 countries and 30.000 cities in Rascasse’s database, clubs are able to understand characteristics of local and global markets, and offer the right content with the right message hand in hand with geographically relevant sponsors to every fan.

Rascasse can identify the fanbase characteristics when it comes to the fans’ lifestyle and brands, services that they are interested in.  These insights can be immediately satisfied and acted upon by Seyu’s capabilities to provide a geotargeted, tailored service, thanks to the eight implemented commercial platforms and highly personalisable system, that involves fans globally in matchdays. And as the last stage of the circle, Seyu’s AI can analyse the fan photos and create other kind of unique marketing insights to right holders via which they are able to increase their revenues. Here is a theoretical example…

Data collection

Thanks to Seyu’s attractive solution fans voluntarily engage, take part and provide their personal data to right holders


Based on the freshly provided data by Rascasse, the number of South American fans interested in FC Barcelona is estimated at 53 million. With a total of 286 million social media users in this area, the opportunities are still untapped in a high percentage. The facts and figures also showed that more than 17.7 million people are interested in photo sharing and like FC Barcelona at the same time. This means that there is a huge potential in a possible joint campaign with a company like Seyu, who offers V.I.P. photo sharing experience for fans globally. A campaign could generate thousands of user-generated, organic content (which is the most precious content type in terms of marketing – PwC LINK), and hundred thousands of new followers who can be monetized afterwards.

Barcelona celebrate

FC Barcelona won’t be able to celebrate Champions League victory this year. In the digital space, on the other hand, the club has unlimited opportunities due to its huge remote fan base and worldwide reach.

Source: fcbarcelona.com

In the intersection of digital sponsorship and innovative fan engagement

Keeping remote fans engaged and entertained is important but to create value for the club and sponsors also just as crucial. The market position of Nike in South America is relatively strong, more than 31 million people are interested in the brand’s activity. Based on Rascasse’s data, 6,5 million people are interested in the club, the kit supplier of the Catalans (Nike), and photo sharing at the same time. Meaning that millions of fans wouldn’t mind if the club would display these promotions as branded content on their own social media profile – needless to say, how much extra value would be generated during a shirt launch campaign or any other brand-related activity if the fans would also be asked to take a selfie with their new jerseys and receive rewards for it.

Furthermore, Rascasse’s knowledge gathered from 250.000 data points across the world can also help Nike and FC Barcelona to pinpoint the right sortiment, colours and types of merchandising goods that resonate the most with the LATAM market. The above mentioned examples are just the cherry on the pie. Data derived from Rascasse and Seyu can be even much more insightful, and brands could understand market potentials globally, down to zip-code level, and set the targeting process impressively sophisticated.

Personalisation is the key for survival and future financial successes

If a fan can be involved through a personalised V.I.P. photo sharing experience via which he can display his devotion in the stadium of his beloved team, wearing a merchandise that was most desired by and made available for him as a reward for his loyalty, the marketing message gets more powerful than ever.

As a result of a meaningful, relatable and globally available fan experience sales numbers always turn out to be better, and the club is able to deliver real business value for their partners. In these times, when ROI matters more than ever in the sports business, offering a permanent, well-developed and insightful cooperation to the partners, would mean not just a competitive advantage, but financial serenity too on a long term.


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