Trends and insights on the future of sports marketing

How the new trends will define the future of sports marketing? What strategies will reach your audience?


Let’s see and analyze what tomorrow holds for the industry.

Over the last three decades, sports marketing has established itself not only as a very special form of marketing, but also as an object of research in its own right. However, it is quite astonishing that the definition of sports marketing is relatively unknown. Actually, there is still no universally accepted term and there are many different opinions about sports marketing.

In this article we would like to answer the following questions: Why can sports marketing be so effective and how can it obtain a real connection and conversion with the viewer?

Sports marketing has two main characters, sporting organisations (clubs, associations, etc.), and companies (sponsors). These companies/ sponsors want to use sport to market their products. Their goal is to reach their target group by associating them with the sport and at the same time to turn the spectators of the sport into new customers. However, sports organizations market their sports products, which can be divided into participant sports and spectator sports. This contrast shows us the two different types of sports marketing: the marketing of sport and the marketing through sport. 

We have to admit that marketing through sport is quite complex. It’s not just sports fans buying anything we tell them to. Companies have to provide something unique, an excellent service at the right time and at the right price. 

A marketing director of an English Premier League club said once: ‘Fans are quite loyal to companies who they know are backing their football team. But that loyalty isn’t blind loyalty.’ 

With the service of ‘Seyu – Together for victory!’ sport teams and companies could increase their shop revenues via loyalty programmes, such as an activation which would see the first 2000 fans to purchase a special shop item would earn the right for their photo to be displayed in the arena.


Seyu fan selfies generate high-engaging, moderated, branded, fan generated social media content, which has an average 320% more organic engagement on social media than other photos shared from the same event. Besides, this way fans connect their unique matchday experience with the sponsoring brand that provides them the euphoric, standalone experience, thanks to this appreciation of the fans and the increased engagement with their own content sponsors are achieving huge brand awareness. Fans are not only outsiders of the matchdays anymore and are part of their favourite teams’ and athletes’ victories and feel more involved than ever before.


Our photo sharing solution enables teams and brands to get to know their target audience much better and gather market intelligence through the photos, not only reward their fans in heartwarming loyalty programs and marketing campaigns. You can find our case study about ‘How Vodafone and Seyu maximised fan engagement at Wasps Rugby games’ here.

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