This is how Seyu fulfils the 4 pillars of fan engagement

Digital transformation has been on the agenda for many clubs in the past couple of years and it seems predominantly has been based around optimising the performance of the players and coaches. When it comes to fan engagement some mobile first technologies have been implemented mainly around better stadium experience, easier ticketing and betting with more recently in non live content distribution. However, still many club apps struggle to keep their fans inside the app and have them returning on a regular basis.

Seyu tackles many of the digital transformation challenges and drives value clubs and federations, while offering easy adoption for fans.

How remote fans become part of the matchday experience

According to research, 99% of sport fans never get to the stadium in person, enjoying the game from home, pub or any other locations. Sitting in front of the TV, as much fun as it is, is a one way communication. Seyu helps to create a dialogue and enables all fans on matchday to get displayed with their selfies on the LED screens of the stadiums and show their love and devotion to their favourite players and teams, as such becoming part of the experience. This experience is proven to build deeper and long lasting relationships with fans and clubs. Giving fans a chance to see themselves in the stadiums, knowing that their messages are welcomed by players and thousands of fans help to grow their bond and connection to their stars.

Get to know your fans like never before

Many clubs have been building their internal CRMs knowing that 1st party data helps to understand fans better, leading to more immersive experiences, deeper relationships and ultimately long term commitment to the community. Seyu adds additional geographic, demographic, behavioural data and consumer insights to first party data profiles in a GDPR friendly manner, so clubs and federations can better understand their fans and can make more informed decisions while giving tailored offers. If you’d like to know more about where your fans are watching the match from, what type of merchandise they own, wear and love, Seyu can help, as we record these data points at scale for our partners and make it available through easy-to-understand visual dashboards. Further to that, Seyu can give a great understanding of what countries, regions or cities your fans are watching the matches from, so you can tailor your commercial strategy accordingly, nevertheless it may be key information when it comes to insights your sponsors may be asking for.

Bring something new and extraordinary to your sponsors

We are sports fans ourselves. We have seen many matches and we have seen some great ads and some not so good ones. Attention is scarce and sponsors are demanding in many ways. How can you satisfy the ever growing pressure when the currently used digital inventory is fully booked and it is complicated to add new ones due to regulations? That is where Seyu also excels, we provide a wide array of additional inventory for your sponsors to appear, some purely helps to increase reach while some giving you the opportunity to place call to action and measure performance directly. We have worked with some leading brands like Vodafone, Mercedes-Benz, Herbalife, Abanca, E.On and many more across various verticals, always keeping in mind the benefit of your partners nourishing the relationship and driving additional value.

Driving revenue with Seyu

We are proud to drive long term partnerships with better value through our platform, however there are opportunities to generate direct revenue with Seyu. Depending on availability major league clubs may be able to make serious additional revenue into 7-8 digits across a full season. Depending on terms and setup we offer our partners and their fans VIP photo experiences where fans are happy to pay for the experience and in return they receive exclusive exposure in the stadium displays. We are offering our services for our partners in a safe environment, where each selfie goes through AI based human assisted moderation in near real time
(6 seconds), making sure it is a stable revenue source for the club. We have a 100% record of over 130k fans activated, meaning we have only ever displayed brand safe selfies without any explicit content.

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