Sports, picnic, & Olympic Champions – Seyu joined SportTech Hungary’s diplomatic event

The Diplomatic Sports Picnic took place on the 4th of May on top of the picturesque Széchenyi Hill in Budapest, brought to you by the amazing team of SportTech Hungary Program. Companies participating in SportTech’s Program had a chance to meet each other and introduce their teams. To make it even more special, well-known faces of the Hungarian sports scene joined the event to discuss the current state — and the future — of the ever-changing sports world.

Since Seyu — along with other innovative Hungarian organizations — is a member of SportTech Hungary’s program, we would never miss an event like this! Bianka and Tom were at the forefront representing our team, eager to meet fellow sports tech enthusiasts.

Panel discussions with sports excellence

The event started with a warm welcome speech in the morning by Gábor Jenei, Deputy CEO, and continued with engaging panel discussions around sports and the sports tech scene in Hungary. The attendees also had a chance to learn about SportTech Hungary’s mission and latest achievements, as well as about the companies participating in their programs, joining their mission of supporting the growth and success of modern sports technology.

And here came the most-awaited part of the day, the VIP guests: Liu Shaoang, Olympic gold medalist short-track speed skater, three-time world champion took part in the event and Ágnes Kovács, Olympic gold-medalist swimming champion gave a talk. Moreover, Gábor Talmácsi, world champion speed motor racer shared his thoughts on the importance of innovation in the industry during the panel discussion.

Getting to know fellow sports tech professionals

After the panel talks, we spent the afternoon in a green area meeting and greeting other attendees, such as international diplomats currently stationed in Hungary. Among other topics, we discussed the different potentials of sports technology solutions, as well as future developments and how they can be used worldwide. We were delighted to get to know people who share the same passion as we do: making the most out of sports events all around the world.

During the expo, participating companies had the chance to showcase their products and services, for which Bianka and Tom prepared with a demo event and later answered questions about how Seyu can help create more memorable experiences for fans, even remotely.

Being a hybrid event, during the day participants were able to watch the live stream on HEPA’s Facebook page and enter a raffle to win amazing prizes. As always, it was a great honor to attend an event involving other sports tech companies. We’re looking forward to joining the next one!

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