Spain bans gambling firms from sponsoring La Liga Clubs

The ruling underlines the essential need of a comprehensive digital sponsorship strategy

While more and more barriers restrain the evolution of the traditional sponsorships, digital solutions prove that they would be essential to connect with fans and activate them via different brand partnerships. Many industry experts agree in that the turning point is here, the regulation is the newest evidence that investing in digital fan entertaining elements is a must have road to take now. Seyu fits perfectly in this picture with our easy to implement, AI assisted solution could offer clubs a new, valuable and widely applicable digital marketing channel to their sponsors and partners, and helps to gain a fresh source of revenue in the long run or retain the existing deals with the gambling companies.


According to a report in El Pais, gambling companies will no longer be permitted to appear as front-of-shirt sponsors for La Liga clubs in the next season.

Spanish Minister of Consumer Affairs Alberto Garzón has proposed a series of measures which will toughen up regulations on betting companies, including restrictions to sponsorship agreements and advertising exposure.

In addition to the ban on shirt sponsorships, the new law will prevent gambling companies from being allowed to sponsor stadium names nor any other aspect associated with the teams.

Garzón had altered the wording of the ruling to state that “sponsorship in sports T-shirts or equipment will not be admissible”, with gambling companies already banned from featuring on youth shirts.

Currently, eight clubs in La Liga feature a gambling company as a main shirt sponsor, but it is worth addressing the stakeholders of the case much more broadly. The decision of the Spanish authorities can also determine the future of English clubs in terms of sponsorship.


The stakes are huge: half of the Premier League’s shirts were emblazoned with a gambling company’s logo last year. The dominance is even more pronounced in the Championship, where 17 out of 24 club shirts will show a betting logo, meaning 27 of England’s top 44 clubs have agreed to do so. Now all of them would have to reconsider the offered value proposition for their partners and prepare new strategies and concepts for sponsorship services.

If you are a club official and looking to mitigate the effects of the restrictions on betting agencies, get in touch with us at Seyu. We are always open for a discussion on how we can help retain your valuable betting agency partnership.

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