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Seyu enters the world of esports

Seyu expands its clientele by providing services for Esport1’s events, entering the world of esports for the first time

Benefiting from the collaboration between Esport1 and Seyu, fans are able to show their support to their favourite players/teams, during the biggest competitions of the Hungarian market. Seyu joined for the Rainbow Six Siege event by providing its software to the Esport1 team and increasing fan engagement through selfies taken by the most enthusiastic fans during streamer broadcasts. The cooperation –  which also creates value for the clubs and its sponsors – will continue with the LEC final.

A new form of cooperation: let’s welcome the SaaS model!

Through this partnership Seyu provides an extensive marketing platform for the partner, where sponsors of the event are also able to appear in a more exclusive, creative way. According to the details of the cooperation, an easy-to-apply SaaS (software-as-a-service) agreement was established between the two sides. Seyu provides the technological background, while the organizer of the event uses the fan engagement tool by itself, and activates its fanbase during the events, Seyu makes all the necessary arrangements for competition staff to be able to run it on their own, optimizing the costs of the resources.

Technology and esport – the drivers of the growth in the sports business

This collaboration is just the beginning of Seyu’s path in esports. The field holds exciting opportunities, as the global esports market size is projected to reach USD 1860.2 Million by 2026, from USD 691.6 Million in 2019. The outstanding increase in revenue suggests that the industry will face rapid growth in the following years. This means that there will be more players, clubs and fan bases to reach, attract, engage and involve even remotely.

About Esport1
Esport1 is the exclusive broadcaster of international esport events like LOL or Dreamhack competitions in Hungary. They are also the organizers of the Hungarian National Esport Championships, as both producers and distributors. The series, among others, include FIFA, LOL and Rainbow Six competitions, held every year, for the third time in 2021.

Seyu has plans for further collaborations in this segment not only in Hungary, but also internationally. According to plans, fan bases and esport clubs from all over the world will soon be able to join the games with their selfies, supporting their favourite players or teams. With Seyu’s services Esport1 can apply a new fan engagement tool, which attracts spectators and players while providing a business tool for their partners and sponsors at the same time.


Main photo source: K&H Hungarian National E-sport Championship

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