Players sue for hundreds of million pounds over use of their statistics

This case can ruin the business models for hundreds of startups

As data analysis plays a fundamental role in many sports firm’s business models, not only betting companies but also hundreds of startups pay special attention now for the case called “Project Red Card”. If performance data cannot be available for a decent amount of money anymore, that would shake the industry as sports data firms will have to reconsider their pricing strategy.


According to the insider sources of The Athletic, more than 400 current and former players have signed up to pursue gaming, betting and data-processing companies who utilise their personal statistics without consent or compensation.

If the lawsuit will be successful, the claim is expected to be worth hundreds of millions of pounds.

The case will likely rest on who owns the data and Project Red Card firmly assert that to be the individuals, rather than the companies utilising it in industries that are proliferating as a result.

It is a landscape that has exploded in recent times as technological advances allow virtually any activity a squad and its members do in training and match-day environments to be monitored.

Many will assume the subject is indeed covered by image rights, which deals have been commonplace since the 1990s. However, most contracts do not make mention of performance and tracking data, and that has seemingly enabled firms to benefit.

The lawyers are confident their lawsuit will succeed — especially in the new age of privacy and regulations about the processing of personal data — and can have an enormous impact on the world of football and beyond.

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