How Seyu’s solution helped make the annual Ice Rink Night an even more magical experience

We’re excited to tell you all about one of our most unique collaborations to date: we partnered with the organizers of the Ice Rink Night, the largest winter sports event of Hungary. On the 22nd of January, thousands of people had the chance to participate in fun ice skating activities in over 50 locations around the country, with the main event taking place on the City Park’s iconic Ice Rink.

The Ice Rink Night — the favorite event of ice-skating enthusiasts

Six years ago, inspired by the success of ‘The Night of Museums’ and the ‘Night of Beaches’, the Hungarian Ice Hockey Federation decided to organize a series of country-wide events in a similar vein — this is how the idea of Ice Rink Night was born. By now, it has become an annual event where many of the country’s ice rinks welcome skating enthusiasts with longer opening hours and discounted tickets. Every year, skaters of any level can expect fun activities, such as ice disco or DJ sets, while routine skaters have the chance to learn the basics of ice hockey in selected locations.

At this year’s main event at the City Park’s Ice Rink, the organizers took the extra mile to keep participants entertained: they could choose from a wide variety of additional activities, such as slalom skating, Kahoot! Quizzes, Xbox, VR experience, and several other skill-based games. On top of that, thanks to our new partnership, Seyu’s digital sports tech solution has made the event even more interactive.

A solution to boost engagement and make the event memorable

This time around, Seyu has provided a multi-channel solution at 20+ locations: as usual, participants could submit their selfies to virtually connect with others via the mobile app, while live promotional activities helped boost engagement. During the night session at the City Park’s Ice Rink, those who registered with Seyu’s hostesses also received a coupon for two for the Erste League’s hockey events.

Throughout the event, participants shared over 300 images with different winter sport-themed messages, such as ‘Come to skate!’, ‘Let’s go to the ice!’, ‘We’re sharp on ice!’, ‘Put on your skates and grab a hockey stick!’, or ‘Keep calm and skate!’. These images appeared on the LED screens on the side of the ice rinks all around the country and were shared on all social media as well. The luckiest participant even had the chance to receive a prize: as part of the country-wide raffle game, the winner was presented with an exclusive gift pack, courtesy of the Hungarian Ice Hockey Federation.

Building a community, promoting an active lifestyle, and strengthening the love of winter sports

Ice skating has long been a popular winter sport in Hungary during the coldest months. It’s no wonder that the City Park’s famous Ice Rink has become one of the main symbols of Budapest, with its ambient lights and beautiful views overlooking the Vajdahunyad Castle. For many years, it’s been a popular winter activity to spend some time with friends on the rink, skating, drinking mulled wine, and listening to music — and one of the main purposes of this initiative was to celebrate this beloved tradition.

It’s safe to say that this new partnership helped provide a unique opportunity to engage people during the event and make for a memorable experience. Seyu’s digital solution — along with the promotional activities — contributed towards fulfilling the organizers’ mission: to build a community, promote an active lifestyle, and awaken the love of ice skating.

About Seyu

‘Seyu – Together for Victory!’ is a technology solution for sports fans that enables them to motivate their favorite teams or athletes from anywhere in the world. The company uses partners’ existing IT infrastructure to allow fans around the world to post images to stadium LEDs and other digital surfaces during sports events through a moderated channel and then instantly share them on social media with media-branded frames. The service, which has been proven to be successful at more than 300 sports events, is one of the leading sports tech services in Hungary, and lovers of international sports are regularly able to enjoy its benefits as well.

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