Show Your Devotion!

Over 99% of sports fans support their beloved teams remotely.

Seyu helps remote fans show their devotion to their favorite athletes and teams, whilst also including in-stadium fans.

Take a Selfie!

Our service enables any fan to take a selfie and add a motivating message to be displayed in event venues.

Our platform is available through web links, the Seyu app, as a whitelabel solution or integrated into your own application.

Send it!

Selfies are sent to moderation in real-time and get checked out in 6 seconds through our AI based human assisted solution.

Moderation excludes explicit contents such as nudity, guns, forbidden symbols, salesmanship (by fans) and others.

Enjoy your fame!

Fan selfies get displayed on giant screens, jumbotrons, perimeter LEDs, social media platforms and liverstreams in pixel perfect format on both physical and virtual inventory.

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