Entertain fans in real-time

We give voice to the remote fans and also entertain in-stadium fans with various selfie activations.

Own first party fan data

We gather demographic, geographical, behavioural and other market intelligence with the consent of your fans and we make it useful for you & your partners.

new commercial assets

Seyu generates huge attentive reach for teams and sponsors to involve fans and their network.

Through fans cheering their team on we bring excitement and positive emotional charge to static displays amplifying messages and extending reach.

New Assets:

  • Selfie frames
  • White fabel iOS/Android application
  • Integration into your existing iOS/Android application
  • Fan gallery
  • Push notifications
  • Automatic e-mail layouts


  • Increase sponsorship value
  • Boost merchandise sales
  • Sell VIP photo experience
  • Reach new and existing audiences to deliver messages or prompt a call to action

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